The Aviation Council has Standing (*) and Special Committees to study and make recommendations to the Board of Directors and to carry out specific assignments as needed. Experienced Committee Members are available to assist ACP Members with aviation related projects and concerns.

Annual Conference*
Carl Beardsley, Co-Chair
Heather Blokzyl, Co-Chair
To develop and manage the annual PA Aviation Conference.

Awards, Education and Scholarship *
David Eberly, Chair
To organize and administer the selection process for scholarship awards and to recognize individuals and organizations for their contributions to aviation. To recommend and establish aviation education programs and aid in the coordination of aviation programs and institutions within the Commonwealth.

By-Laws *
Jay Beratan, Chair
To review the By-Laws bi-annually and make recommendations for By-Law revisions to the Board of Directors.

Finance *
John Mininger, Chairperson
To manage the financial affairs of the Council to include preparing budgets, managing investments, preparing regular financial statements and conduct an annual audit of the Council.

Legislative/Economic Development *
Tim Edwards., Chair
To monitor and work closely on those legislative matters that affect the Council membership on a national, state and local level. Identify funding opportunities, provide technical and management expertise, network with other members and provide strategic planning facilitation so that your airport can grow and develop.

Membership/Communications/Operator Relations *
Ann Dugan, Chair
To oversee in the planning and organizing for a continuous membership growth and maintenance program. To develop and maintain ACP communication tools (website, Twitter, LinkedIn, Survey Monkey and e-newsletter) to provide members and the general public with information about ACP and aviation issues.

Nominating *
Bryan Rodgers, Chair 

Economic Development Study/Act 52
Keith Brune, Chair

Real ID
Vince Gasteb, Chair

Right to Know (RTK)
Eric Smith, Chair

To recommend from the membership, a slate of qualified council members for the Board of Directors. This recommendation shall be made to the membership at its Annual Meeting.